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  • What is a CSA?
    CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture." A CSA is a true partnership between the farmer and consumer. Since the 1980s many farms have begun to offer various versions of CSA programs. The first CSA farm was started right here in New England! Traditionally, shares are purchased at the beginning of the growing season. The purchase of a share is an upfront investment in the farm, helping the farmers buy seeds, compost, equipment, etc. in the beginning of the season. In exchange, you the member, receive a weekly share of the harvest during the growing season. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship. The farm has the security of an advance commitment which helps us to plan our yields, and the funds to pay for it. The member has the satisfaction of knowing the integrity with which your food is being raised and sharing in the risks and rewards that are inevitable in food production. Together we create our own local food system.
  • What are your hours?
    Our farm stand is open on Thursdays 2:00-6:00 through the winter.
  • Is your farm organic?
    Although we are not certified organic, we consider ourselves to hold higher standards than the certification. We do not use any pesticides, sprays, or chemicals on our fields or vegetables. We believe in working with mother nature to improve soil fertility, build nutrients, and in turn, grow healthier, more nutrient dense vegetables.
  • How do you make your wood products?
    We source wood from our property, a lot of times right out of our firewood stash. We carve green wood (wood that still has moisture content) using only hand tools. When we are pleased with the design, we burnish and finish the item with walnut oil.
  • How do I care for my woodenware?
    We wash with mild soap and water, and periodically protect our woodenware with walnut oil. We use walnut oil because it is a non-petrolium based food-grade oil that creates a protective finish on the wood. You can use any food-grade oil.
  • I am interested in an item that is out of stock, will there be more available?
    Since each item is hand-crafted, no two are ever the same. However, if there is a particular woodenware style or herbal product you are interested in, please contact us! We will do our best to create similar items.
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