The focal point of our farm is the production of wholesome foods through responsible land management. We farm on 1.5 acres of land located within the greater footprint of Beech Hill, a historic farmstead. Although we are not certified "organic", we are a no-spray, zero pesticide farm. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, and rely on soil health, quality compost, and proactive management practices for the success of our crops. We believe that limited soil disturbance is essential for healthy soil biology and ecology, and impliment a "no-till" policy whenever possible. We strive to provide the freshest, healthiest food possible, so that we all can feel good about what we eat.

We offer two CSA share sizes, small and large.

We also offer farm membership cards.

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We are now accepting sign-ups for our Vegetable and Egg CSAs for the 2022 season!


Check our CSA FAQ page to answer your questions.

:: Overview ::

When you join our CSA at Tilth & Timber, we are entering into a partnership.  While you are committing to supporting the local economy and your family’s health, we are committing to providing you with the most nutritious, responsibly grown, local food possible. Our growing season revolves around our CSA members.  We look to build a strong relationship with our customers and our community. Eating local food is an intimate way to become more connected with our landscape and seasons. We aim to create a farm that is a working part of the surrounding environment. Being as self-reliant and diversified as possible will require less need for outside inputs. The farm is then able to reproduce itself better each year with the help if its own natural ecology.


We offer two share sizes, small and large, to meet the varying needs of our community. The shares are offered as a “free-choice” pick-up. Beginning as early as May, members may receive a portion of the farm’s bounty. You choose the share size best suited for you, the pick-up day, and the produce available weekly at our farm stand.

Please note that you may sign-up online, however, we offer a sign-up discount to members who choose to mail their sign-up form.

Still unsure if a CSA is right for you? Do you have questions about share size and pick-up? Check out our CSA FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

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:: Customer Testimonials ::

"Always pure fresh beautiful healthy organic produce each week!!"- Robin, CSA Member


"The farmers at Tilth & Timber are passionate and committed to growing high quality produce while nurturing the land where it is grown." -2019 CSA Member 

" You got me eating things I never heard of and they were great. Thank